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Unique Creations

Following the challenges of our time, we deliver to your eyes the "births" of our imagination and art.

By choosing them, you give style, quality and finesse to your looks!

Handicraft woman of the Month

In order for us to create something real, it takes time and love. The beauty, authenticity and uniqueness of our handicrafts is a process of inspiration, transformation and ingenuity. 

Our creations are an expression of ourselves that leads us to meet with you. We follow a course where we transmute our emotions into an artistic and innovative form. 

The completion of this journey is the transformation of "pollen into fruit" and we deliver it to you to enjoy it.

Meet Magda Rentziou

Meet Magda Rentziou

For me, creation is the moment when I let myself completely into the flow of life with authenticity and innocence.
Every movement captures and at the same time closes the pattern of my thoughts, feelings and impressions. It's like a deep, comforting breath that makes me feel lighter and happier.


Magda Rentziou


The faces with creative expression

The joy of creating something is that many people can find pleasure in using it!

Put in your life our unique products, which, made with imagination as raw material, acquire value because of their particularity!

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